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    How strong are U-Haul boxes?

    U-Haul set the standard by requiring all of the boxes we sell to have a minimum C-Flute structure. Importers, big box “discount” retailers and others pushing discount “moving kits” often offer boxes made with smaller B-Flute material, which is typically only 1/8″ thick. That’s 25 percent thinner than the C-Flute standard! In addition, specific kitchen, electronics and other specialty boxes are also double-walled for additional strength to protect your personal possessions.

    All U-Haul Boxes are made to precise standards from the strength and flute structure of each box to the specific sizing that allows our customers to take advantage of easy loading and proper stacking while moving or used for storage.

    Is it true that U-Haul Centers offer FREE boxes?

    Yes! Although to be more specific, U-Haul customers offer free boxes to other customers. At U-Haul, we simply provided the online Box Exchange and a “TAKE A BOX / LEAVE A BOX” bin in every one of our company owned locations. U-Haul Boxes are so strong that they should be used again and again, and this is our way of promoting reuse and making that socially acceptable. Stop on by and ask any associate for FREE BOXES!

    How does the U-Haul buy-back guarantee work?

    We understand the importance of proper packing. That’s why we want you to take enough to protect all of your possessions without needing to make multiple trips back to the U-Haul store. And at U-Haul, we’ll gladly refund the full purchase price of any unused box you return to us. We guarantee 100% buy-back of any unused U-Haul boxes, with receipt, at any U-Haul center location nationwide.