The Legend of U-Haul Box Man

Box Man with a CapeIn the back of a U-Haul truck, on a day much like today, the world of do-it-yourself moving changed forever. Buried in the depths of “Mom’s Attic” between an autographed photo of Adam West and a Captain Kirk action figure, a well packed box of comic books bound for a science fiction convention changed the course of history.

SUDDENLY, and without warning, a total eclipse of the sun triggered a startling event. The box carrying those comic books suddenly transformed into the greatest superhero ever made from corrugated material.

Is he faster than a speeding bullet? – Maybe, but BOXMAN recommends strict adherence to posted speed limits.

Can he stop a speeding bullet?… Nope! But he can protect your mom’s Hummel figurines in conjunction with liberal amounts of Enviro-Bubble and Packing Paper.

Can he leap tall buildings?…Sorry, he doesn’t even have knees.

An unflappable moving specialist who drives a U-Haul box truck, BOXMAN fights the battle for truth, justice and safely transporting your personal belongings to your destination.